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Re: Feminism in Deathly Hallows - or the lack thereof v.3

Originally Posted by HedwigOwl View Post
...And I'd argue that Bella wasn't defined at all by her lack of motherhood, as her cruelty, prejudice and obsession with Voldemort seemed to consume her.
This makes me wonder if Voldemort allowed Bella to have his child, would she then be defined by motherhood? I think so, definitely. She would welcome it as either the, or one of the, proudest achievements of her life. Which in turn makes me wonder about what we ally our identities to as women. Maybe those who tether themselves to motherhood do it out of love and not out of weakness or any lack in character. (Not that this is being suggested, just thinking aloud.) Which in turn makes the outstanding characteristic of this choice a strong desire to love and devote a life to caring for another person.

Then... isn't every passion we associate our identity with the same? We're all being defined by our strongest love, which makes it all equal don't you think?

Oh dear. I think I need coffee.

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