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Re: Feminism in Deathly Hallows - or the lack thereof v.3

Originally Posted by kittling View Post
These aren't real people these are the imaginings of a person who chooses whet to show and what to hold back. The author's decision on what to show and what not to in itself conveys messages and meaning.

So the fact that we don't see any female teachers in the role of mother then that conveys a message.
I don't view it that way, as telling all the details of every secondary character's life would needlessly bog down the story. Also, we don't see any of the teachers' personal lives (except Hagrid, who isn't a teacher most of the time), and I think it's normal in general for teachers to NOT talk about their personal lives with students. So they very well may have children and/or grandchildren. Just because we don't see it in this story (mostly seen from Harry's experience) doesn't mean we can definitely conclude they had no other life away from school. It's similar to working at a large corporation; you don't really know details of most of your colleague's lives, and wouldn't know if they had kids, or how many -- but not knowing doesn't mean they don't exist.

I don't think Molly is "defined" by motherhood. She had a life before that, and she participated in the Order. Molly gets page time because she's Ron's mother, Ron is Harry's best friend (and a mother figure to Harry), but that's not the only thing Molly is. She's very committed to caring for her family, but is more complex than that; every person is. I think the point of a feminist viewpoint is recognizing that women are not defined by any one thing.

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