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Re: The Unintentional Matchmaker

Here's another really short part of a chapter...

Chapter 13, Part I: Back from the Vanishing Cupboard

Snape's eyes grew wide with fear. Ophelia--Filch's office!

He pushed Lockhart aside and practically ran to Filch's office. On a normal occasion, Snape would be running to take points away from the offenders; but his thumb was smack-dab in the middle of this pie. If word got out about force-feeding a student a truth serum.... Snape shuddered.

"In there," Filch grumbled, pointing a wizened finger at his office door. "They've been fighting like dragons in mating season ever since I arrived."

Snape took a deep breath, raised his wand, and blasted the door open. He was quite taken a back at what he saw.

Pax Ophelia was standing in the midst of upturned chairs, spilt cleaning potions and dozens of letters from QwickSpell. Beneath her right foot, the conquered Braden Alan. In her hand, her wand, which was pointed at Alan's head.

"Expelliarmus!" Snape shouted. The wand flew out of Ophelia's hand and landed on the floor next to Alan, who was very pale and very...bald. "You, over there. And you, get up."

Pax obeyed as Snape directed his wand at her heart. She was breathing heavily, a fair amount of blood trickling from her lip, but she looked completely calm and collected. "Professor, he--"

"Silence! Alan, explain to me what happened."

"Well, Professor," Alan said with a nasty grin, "how much of the story do you want to hear?"

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