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Re: Remus John Lupin - Character

Originally Posted by Credo Buffa View Post
Of course, my first instinct with this scene was to agree with you, wickedwickedboy, that JKR just side-stepped character boundaries to create something plotwise, and maybe a lot of my rationalization of it is merely my wanting to make sense of something that before we never would have expected to see from Remus. However, I definitely think that, at least on some level, she wanted to show us a progression in their relationship, if for no other reason than the fact that Harry does address him as "Remus" rather than "Lupin". It's also notable to that the same thing happens at the end, when we see "Remus and Tonks" dead, rather than "Lupin and Tonks".
DH was the first book where Harry, and by extension us, saw the characters as they really were. He, and therefore, we, were looking at them through adult eyes, for the first time. Remus having a minor nervous breakdown was, obviously for us, an unprecedented response, but that is part of his character (Harry just didn't know it). Sirius says in OOTP that he has been known to rant about matters.

Harry was Remus student, not his equal. For the first time in DH, we saw the real man: temperamental, cynical, protective of Tonks , plagued by insecurity and self - loathing and ultimately a man in the end, who revelled in having a normal family life, with a wife and son. It is just such a shame that Teddy would never know his parents, and that they would never know him. At least they had a few months to enjoy with him.

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