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Re: Remus John Lupin: Character Analysis

1. Your general thoughts on Lupin as a character? How has he grown, changed and matured throughout the books? What are his strengths and weaknesses?

Lupin was one of those great characters IMO. Completely flawed and inperfect and he knew it. He never saw himself as deserving friends or love because of his furry problem. He was loyal to a fault which was his greatest strength and he did not believe in himself which was his greatest weakness.

2. Lupin is conflicted between his love for Dora and Teddy and the desire to protect them from association with him - does he make the right decision in going back to them? Did he make the right decision marrying her?

Yes he made the right decision both in marrying her and going back to them. He had been so trained to think that everyone saw werewolves as bad that he did not want to burden them with living with his stigma but he didn't realize or understand that love is blind and if you love someone you stand beside them regardless of any problems they may have.

3. Why didn’t Lupin try to contact Harry before PoA?

Well before Harry entered Hogwarts I think anyone associated with the Potters agreed it was best for Harry not to know who he was or what had happened thinking it would give him a normal childhood. Once he went to Hogwarts I think Lupin was simply afraid Harry would be one of those people who wanted nothing to do with a werewolf.

4. What was Lupin’s role in the first war? Did Dumbledore use his special connexions to the werewolves already?

Yea know I am not sure. I don't get the feeling that DD used him the same way back then.

5. Did Lupin make the right decision in going to fight at Hogwarts - should he have stayed out of the battle for Teddy's sake?

Yes sadly he made the right choice. He had to do what he could to try and make sure Teddy could grow up in a world that was free of the kind of evil that LV promoted.


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