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Re: Remus John Lupin: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by wickedwickedboy View Post
I agree that JKR didn't do a very good job at writing Remus' character. I think that like Madron mentioned above, some people lost respect for him in DH, completely misunderstanding what she was trying to say. She rushed his out of character persona in DH on everyone and those who hadn't followed him very closely took things at face value. Some people lived and died by Harry's construction at #12 and suddenly everything that was written before about Remus went out of the window. I think some even missed the fact that he was acting out of character because they hadn't really consiered his character before that or they had merely considered it in a very light, minor character, unimportant way.

However, those of us who deeply loved the character searched for answers. Seriously, I went from page 214 to 441 with so much anger in my heart for JKR, it reached the point where I found myself having to re-read things. I cheered everytime anything bad happened to Harry - and my respect for him fell about 50%. I don't think she meant for the interaction between Remus and Harry to have that big of an impact on anyone, especially seeing how she worked it out starting on page 441 and it only got better after that. And I also think she thought it wouldn't impact us much because Remus was not a character of the level of Ron or Hermione, etc. Note how quickly Ron's tirade was repaired. I think she knew that would cause angst, but it was not 200 pages worth. That is something I don't think she took into consideration.

And what she didn't write, but what I believe based on Remus' character is that he would have eventually gone back to Tonks and his baby whether he spoke with Harry or not.

ps. I understand she was rushed, perhaps for both page length and time, so in the after-math I am more forgiving. I mean even with Hedwig, there was little mourning by Harry and the poor kid had to blow the bird up, couldn't even let him just drop. I think in a longer book and with more time, JKR would have written things a lot differently and in a little less abrupt manner.
My only issue with that whole scene with Harry being so horrible to Lupin was that imo JKR did not clearly show how upset harry was by what he felt he had to do. Harry was so afraid of losing yet another Father figure, he had lost James, Sirius and Dumbledore and Harry could not have bared it to lose Lupin and take Lupin from his own child to. So Harry was actually quite brave in saying the one thing guaranteed to make Lupin wake up and go back to Tonks and their unborn child. It actually cost Harry to hurt Lupin like that because he had no way of knowing if Lupin would ever forgive him. My heart ached for Lupin, so afraid he had damned Tonks and unborn Teddy to a life as an outcast simply because Tonks fell in love with a werewolf. And then when Harry saw Lupin and Tonk's bodies lying there next to Fred. I lost it I couldn't believe Lupin was gone, Harry's last connection to his parents.


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