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Re: The Unintentional Matchmaker

Chapter 13, Part II: More Mischievous Miscellany

Snape listened with rapt interest as Alan told him how Pax had leapt out from behind a statue, cursed him and then dragged him to the Vanishing Cupboard. He let the boy talk himself into silence before finally adding his thoughts. "That is quite some feat, Miss Ophelia."

"Professor, he--"

"Silence." Snape's voice was at its iciest. Had Dumbledore been wrong about her? Was Pax Ophelia really as hex-happy as old Alastor Moody? Deep down inside, Snape knew that Mr. Alan was lying--or coloring the truth. And then it occured to him: He had given Miss Ophelia a rather heavy dose of Veritaserum, a dose strong enough that it might still be in effect. "Miss Ophelia," he said; "what do you think of me as a potions master?"

"You're brilliant."

"All right. What about as a person?"

"You're batty, over-bearing, greasy, oily, disgusting, rude--"

"That's enough." So, it was still working. "Tell me what really happened."

Pax then went into a long spiel about how Alan had tried to Imperius her, how she had fought it off and cursed him with boils. Snape was horrified to hear that anyone of his house would risk losing points like that. He knew that if this got back to the Head Master....

"So sorry," panted Lockhart, whom Snape had left far behind. "What have I missed?"

Snape couldn't help but smile to himself. Things were falling together rather nicely. "Professor, these two students need their memories modified." It was a bit of a blow to his pride, but he knew that if Priori Incantatem were used on his wand in the near future, he would be in big trouble.

"Certainly, my dear old friend," Lockhart said with a big grin. "It was very big of you to realize your short-comings and ask for an expert. But I must ask, what exactly are we doing this for?"

"They discovered your hair-care secrets and plan on selling them to the world."

Nothing more needed to be said. Lockhart immediately raised his wand, aimed it at the two bewildered students and shouted, "Obliviate!"


Tristan was getting anxious about Pax. He hadn't seen her for several hours. She hadn't returned to class. She hadn't been in the Great Hall for dinner. And she hadn't been waiting at the foot of the main staircase to give him a good-night kiss. Something was wrong.

"Have you seen her?" he asked Lee Jordan, who merely rolled his eyes.

"Relax, mate," said George Weasley. "Leave her alone and she'll come home--"

"Wagging her tail behind her," finished Fred. "You've got it bad, mate."

Tristan couldn't help but grin. "Yeah, I suppose I do."

"Oi!" cried Oliver Wood. "Harry, Fred, George, Angelina, Ka--"

"To bed," said Fred and George together with a groan. Then, laughing and chattering, the Gryffindor Quidditch team members went to their respective dormitories.

Tristan yawned. He needed to get some sleep. He knew that Hogwarts was safe; Pax had probably just fallen behind on her homework and was staying pent up in her room, studying. With this thought to pacify himself, he followed the sound of snoring up the stairs. To bed.

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