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Re: Dragonball Z/GT

Originally Posted by SadPanda View Post
Vegeta- Can't really fault him for not working I mean if I married into the richest family in the world you can bet your bottom dollar I'd never work, plus he was actually there for his kids and he took Trunks to the amusement park
He's also a pushover where Bra is concerned too. What his little girl wants, his little girl gets.
Goku- Never worked a day in his life, constantly putting his children in danger, constantly abandoning his wife and kids for his own selfish desires.
You know, I wouldn't fault him too much. It's just due to how he raised. I mean, for a good while, he raised himself in the wilderness like a jungle boy or something before he met Bulma, meaning he's always had a life without boundaries. Something else we have to look at is Goku's character in general. He's a bit of a kid and seemed to remain that way. He was even naive and innocent in DBZ, something he obviously didn't outgrow from DB. Chichi was the one who roped Goku into marriage (remember, he thought it was a food)...he shouldn't have been married (even though, he's extremely loyal and protective).

Oh wait...I wouldn't say that Goku puts his kids in danger (purposely). When Radditz came to Earth, Goku went out of his way to try and keep Gohan safe. To be honest, I can't think of any time where Goku's purposely put his family in danger. Himself, yeah, but not Chichi, Gohan, or Goten. They just seemed to get dragged into it.
Gohan- Has a J-O-B, supports his family, so he actually turned out to be a functioning member of society unlike his father.
Gohan grew up with a normal home life (somewhat), unlike Goku. Gohan grew up in society, therefore, he learned how to function within it. Goku really didn't. He lived on his own as a kid because of the death of his grandfather and was never taught because he never had a parent. Goku never once went to school in his life as well as other things normal people do in society. Goku was like a naive Wild Child who never fully matured.

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