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Re: Rubeus Hagrid: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by thewbacca View Post
Eh, Hagrid was raising werewolves when he was a kid, and he was wrestling with trolls most nights. (both of which Dairy Riddle tells us, they don't seem particularly insulting, so I'll take them as facts). He already had a knack for defending himself, and his behaviour with Aragog showed he was extremely good at caring for things. Its likely that most of his Care Of Magical Creatures stuff was instinct, due to him being (a) able to understand and even identify with most magical animals, and (b) exceedingly gentle. the other 10% he just picked up as he went along.
I'm not sure that's entirely practical. You would need at least some magical training to deal with dangerous creatures, even if you do have a gift for it. People don't become lion tamers unless they've had proper training, no matter how many lions they've wrestled as kids. If Hagrid's gone touch-and-go, he's extremely lucky.
There's also the fact that went to the library for learning how to properly care for his dragon egg in PS/SS. (Which, of course, makes the subject of Hagrid's education even more ambiguous...He certainly knows where to find information... )

That's a good point about Voldemort's name, though. I hadn't considered that.

Originally Posted by thewbacca View Post
Who's Ogg?
The gamekeeper before Hagrid. Molly mentions him in GoF when she visits Harry before the third task.

I am incapable of hating someone who, instead of using a spell to guard the Sorcerer's Stone, uses a logic puzzle.
I'm sorry.

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