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Re: Rubeus Hagrid: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by Moriath View Post
Hagrid is just too good-hearted and he trusts people easily. He was even willing and eager to talk to Rita Skeeter. I wouldn't even say that he's got street smarts. He's not stupid but, as I see it, he owes his survival to his height and strength more than his brains.
I'd have to agree with that. I think it's just in his nature to be trusting to the point where it is detrimental to himself and others. It may be a weakness, but it's just who he is. As for his size, I think this is also a part of him that is only natural for him to make use of. Being a half-giant, he gains the traits of superior physical strength and a certain resistance to magic. So it's only natural that he would employ these strengths in a conflict, coupled with the fact that he his wand was snapped.


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