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Re: Things you didn't spot until the umpteenth time in the HP films v.2

Originally Posted by ajna View Post
I did notice it when I saw it. It was cute. Kind of interesting, as if he needed Hermione's approval to go. But even if he didn't have her approval, I wonder what would have pushed him to have to go on his own?
I agree it was really cute. hahaha I didn't notice. I was sitting there and rewinding it for like 5 times to make sure Harry really did that.
No he didn't need her approval but it was really important to him imo. Hermione is the rational one. She doesn't do stuff just because she has a feeling there might be something there to look for. So having her approval that going to GH is a good idea was probably a relieve for him. Because being seperated especially after Ron had already left was probably not an option for both of them. I really do wonder though if he was really that determined that he would have gone to Godric's Hollow on his own if Hermione had denied.

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