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Re: Things you didn't spot until the umpteenth time in the HP films v.2

thePuff: wow that shot. I don't get why it was so dark before though...

Originally Posted by craiggles View Post
Well, he sort of did! In the book he was very concerned about getting Hermione in the right mood before he asked her. We know he's scared of conflict with Hermione - there are a couple times where he wants to argue with her but just gives up. I thought it was a hilarious gesture and a creative way to portray that element of their friendship.
I agree. Overall they portrayed their friendship REALLY well in DH part 1. They had so many cute little scenes and it really became obvious how much both of them have grown and how amazing their friendship is.
And yeah he was def scared of conflict with Hermione. I mean afterall that has been happening he didnt want her to explode. hahaha

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