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Re: What would you change about the films?

Originally Posted by Sharpturn View Post
So you really don't think that by avoiding the explanation of the marauders, (which is avoiding the explanation of how Lupin knew about the map), was avoiding the main point of that story?

For me, POA had two purposes. To explain the past by introducing Sirius and the Marauders. And to put Pettigrew in place for book 4. And they failed in the first one really, because we met all four of the marauders, but it was never explained what they were.
The Marauders are an (expendable) subplot of PoA which is about Harry discovering the truth behind the story he has been told, and acting upon the truth he discovers, and therefore finding a father figure.

Not dissimilar both plotwise and storywise to Great Expectations, which has been filmed very successfully without the various subplots and minor characters.

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