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Re: What do you have to explain to your friends and family who only see the movies?

I only recently read the books (got them for Christmas... finally!!) and I realize that I actually figured out a lot on my own. I did go see the first two movies with my little sister, who's been a huge fan since the first book. I asked her a few questions when she brought differences up, but otherwise I got on okay.

I figured out who the Mauraders were after the second or third time watching the movie, but I realized how different the movies were when I read PoA. I have to say, that's still my favorite movie. Anyway, my husband has asked me a few questions about the GoF movie, but he get's the general idea, and says he's excited about the OotP movie. I bet this time he asks me lots of questions, since I'm so excited about this movie (being my first to see after reading). I'm hoping this one will finally get him to read the books!

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