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Re: Narcissa Malfoy: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by Fleur du mal
When Narcissa finally 'meets' Harry - what is she presented with? Yes, that kid has humiliated her son, has cursed him, has even accidentally got him killed, almost. But what she knows about him, too, is how he saves people thoroughly unconnected to himself (Griphook), spares them (Stan Shunpike), and how he is REALLY good in standing up to/escaping from Voldemort. Voldemort is the opponent Narcissa can never overcome herself, but Harry at least has a theoretical chance (and seeing him survive Avada Kedavra again might have dispelled the last doubts on the subject). With Voldemort in power, Narcissa and her loved ones don't have a chance to survive on the long run, and she knows it. So if there is anything she can do to prevent that, she's bound to act on that impulse, even if that means helping someone she's considered as her personal enemy for a long time, in the 'the enemy(Harry) of my enemy(Voldemort) is my friend' kind of sense.
This is what changed my mind about Cissy - that unlike her sister Bella, she wanted to protect her family more than anything. Voldemort moved into her house, abused (and wanted to kill) her son, took her husbands wand (leaving him defenseless), and then sort of laughed at her when she just wanted to know if her son was alive.

Cissy knew that life was not going to be good with Voldy in charge - she experienced it first hand - and sort of like Harry, she just seems to want a nice peaceful life with her nice little family.

She may be arrogant - but she's also strong enough not to have become a full on Death Eater - how did she get out of that one? I was surprised to find myself liking Cissy at the end of the book - even after I learned that she gave Draco her wand knowing he was heading into the castle to possibly find Harry - but then goes and, in her mind (I think), saves Harry.

I really wanted Harry to approach the Malfoys while they were sitting there in the Great Hall, and just look at Narcissa and say 'thanks', and pat Draco on the shoulder. Like make peace with them in that moment. I'm glad we saw it in the epilogue, but would have liked to see it in that moment.

is totally awesome!
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