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Re: Rubeus Hagrid: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by mariebeth83 View Post
sorry...that's not what I meant...I forget sometimes that I have different sayings that might confuse non-native English speakers at times sorry! I didn't mean that he literally looked stupid, but that he could have been smarter or had more magic than he portrayed as a character in the series, for whatever reasons he may have had. I could be wrong about him being more powerful than he came across in the books, but i'll be paying more attention to any magic he uses as i'm re-reading
I don't think it's wrong that he was portrait in this way. Not wrong that I think that he deserved to be like that, but that it fits canon.
Hagrid left school earlier than other people did and then was prohibited to use magic for almost all his life. He doesn't have the education in magic other people have. He can learn more things later, but I still don't think he was on the same level than others.


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