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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

A) That would be a great tale. Than B) and save C) for last, you could do it all of C in one editorial

As for the contest, as per usual I will use a figure of speech (Remember the stupid stick) this time it's the money tree. Here's the ad campaign: "Who says money doesn't grow on trees? Only the poor! right? Yes I am right, the new fad in wizarding house plants is the money tree. Who needs a Albus Dumbledore Chia Pet when you can have a tree that is a profit to own? (Also the Dumbledore chia pets have been accidentally cross bred with Devil's snare, trust me, that beard can get a choker hold) The money tree is avaliable in all currencies both muggle and wizarding. Buy a money tree today and then you can afford the chia pet and the medical bills"

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