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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

A, then B, followed by C.

First, for the wizard who seeks intelligence, the ElimenTree, whose fruits are fabled to restore tired brain cells, invigorate thinking skills, and rejuvinate one's memory.
There is also the SymmeTree, which is a boon to those of hunched backs or who have one leg shorter than the other.
The BigoTree, whose roots, it is said, are made into a flavorful tea for the pickiest of families (side effects include, but are not limited to, stubborness or intolerance of creed, belief, or opinion differing from the drinker's own).
For those wishing to get in contact with long-lost loved ones, the AncesTree seed is said to be a staple of the modern Medium.
The WinTree is an evergreen whose needles are used in the summer months to keep one's drink cool without watering it down, as the poor man's ice does (fah!).
For the math-oriented wizard, do away with your abacus and plant a TrigonomeTree! While costly, one bite of it's fruit gives you the answer to any one equation!!
The CarpenTree is a favorite among those wishing to update or customize their homes, as the one who planted it must simply show it a blueprint or design, and the tree will automatically carve itself into a new desk, or that set of cabinets that your contractor didn't get right.
The DentisTree allows you to forego trips to the doctor, simply chew on a root once a day and your pearly whites will stay straight, clean, and sparkling white.
The EnTree is often used to guard portals, doors, and gates, as it will not allow anyone through unless they know that "sweet spot" on the tree (commonly known as "Whomping Willow").
Cooks are partial to the PoulTree, as it allows them to simply pluck a chicken, duck, or turkey from its branches for that evening's dinner, instead of heading into town to buy one.

Also, Snapdragon flowers have become an integral part of the Dragon Snaps(tm) dragon treat recipe, but many houselves have been able to create their own recipe using the flower, so that their masters don't have to bother sending them to Diagon Alley to purchase a box.

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