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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

I also would have to vote for A.

(Jatibbal, you're ideas for trees are awesome.)

As to what one might find in the garden of a wealthy wizard, that's a toughie, but as you asked for our off-the-cuff responses...

I think one would find many wonderful ways for the wealthy witch or wizard to Not have to work at gardening. Self-fertilizing plants (talk about living in your own filth); miniature magical suns, that rise and set according to the plants' needs; garden-ing gnomes (they tend to the plants before they uproot them to dig), and perhaps more than the usual number of fairies.

I also wanted to say, Robbie, that I appreciate TMQ quite a lot. Though I don't always have time to respond or to answer the riddles and such, I do enjoy reading it. I'm sure there are many like me. Keep it up, we appreciate you.

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