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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

SURVEY: A, definitely

CONTEST: A well to do wizard would need some way of protecting his wealth. I think giant man-eating venus flytraps planted along the fence line would be excellent for deterring intruders. However, for those wizards looking for a more aesthetically appealing approach, perhaps an unobtrusive fungus grown on the fence. This fungus could release some kind of gas when intruders enter the garden, leaving them unconcsious.

And those with wealth tend to enjoy showing it off, holding dinner parties and such like. So, some kind of, umm...Conversation Carnations(terrible name) would be handy. These flowers, when picked and placed on the dinner table, release a perfume which clears and brightens the mind, allowing everyone to be extremely witty and interesting and leading to a thoroughly enjoyable dinner. And a thoroughly enjoyable reputation for the well to do wizard/witch.

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