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Re: TMQ109 -- Murder on the Hogwarts Express

Like everyone else the next story should be A, then well maybe B, and save the best for last which is C.

Wow everyone gave plenty of ideas... hmm unusual things in a well to do wizards/witches garden...
well the first that came up was priceless antique Muggle Garden Gnomes, and ironically, charmed to drive out the pesky wizard gnomes, or maybe polish them in ediquettes (just to entertain guests)..

Spicy-Herbaliciously Plant - a dream plant every House elf, Wizard Chef wants, very expensive and diffcult to care but its worth every effort and money as it grows all kinds of spices and herbs, from common cinnamon to expensive saffron, all year round, so no worries of stocking up your spice bottle when fresh ones are always ready.

Fungus Log - It's not a mouldy piece of log, it's in fact a log charmed with complicated spells to allow growth of all sorts of edible fungus, from ****take mushrooms, medicinal Ling Zhi and Cordeyceps, to the all luxrious truffles, plus not much care needed for it though its very costly and hard to get.

La Vineyard - Well not excatly a grape vineyard to make wine but its an exquiste vine that grows beautiful assorted flowers and bears delicious chocolate filled with the best wine. Great when you don't have time to buy Valentine gifts or for that Wedding Anniversary you keep forgetting... be warned that its best to also have a Anti-Pest Plant or placing a Impertubable Charm around it will probably do fine too..

Anti-Pest Plant - the plant that produces an aroma that repels all irritating insects like ants, mosquitos and cockroaches and also has a calming effect on small creatures like dogs, cats and even sometimes children, reducing the chances of them running all over the garden and damaging all the prized well-pruned plants.

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