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Re: Pottermore v.11

Originally Posted by MerryLore View Post
The house point totals have changed quite a bit. Much larger than previously. Perhaps this is why we'll feel as if our earning points will really impact house totals?


I can duel with ease, but it keeps crashing when I try to go through the Moments.

Can anyone click on their emblem and get to their homepage??? A sign we're all going to start over at the end of Beta???
I keep getting magenta screens when I click on almost anything and when I went to duel I got the black screen that says sorry this page has disappeared or something like that.

I hope we get to keep our house points since they are still there now so I hope they don't suddenly take them away now or it would surprise everyone I think.

Does anyone know if they are showing more than just the top 20 scorers for each house again? I keep trying to look but I keep getting the magneta screen right now.


Okay it sounds like everyone else is able to see more pages than me right now because I am continuously getting the magenta screen now.


Okay I'm finally seeing stuff again now....but I can't view my profile at all. I keep getting the back screen saying the page has disappeared when I click on my house emblem to view my profile. Is this happening to everyone else too?


Okay I am able to see my profile now when I click on my emblem but it's not showing any of my friends in my friends list. o_O

I'm in
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