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Re: Pottermore v.11

Something's clearly funny - at first, I freaked out because on my Spells page it said I hadn't collected any spellbooks, my Potions tab listed no cauldrons, potions, or ingredients, and I couldn't see my profile! Now, I can see everything again (and it appears to be right?) but it completely freaked me out for the first 15 minutes or so.

I wasn't keeping close enough track on my points to know if anything's gone, but the site is definitely very, very glitchy - it's kicked me off once, I've gotten the Invisibility Cloak on the page message several times, and one of the tabs in Ollivander's (not the one that said "View wand in profile," the other one, had been replaced by "..." instead of words.

I almost had a heart attack with the "nothing brewed, no spellbooks" messages, but now that I've seen my welcome letter, my wand, and my brewed potions, I feel a bit better!

ETA: Am unable to collect items (needed a Potions ingredient) - is anyone else getting an Invisibility Cloak error and then kicked off the site when attempting to collect something? Also, my chapter exploration tabs are intermittently disappearing and getting replaced with "." instead of actual words like "Explore."

Doing a Pottermore Sorting survey, drop me an owl if you're interested in discussing it or the Sorting itself.

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