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Re: Merope Gaunt: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by Artemis_Fowl_2 View Post
I have studied psychopaths and Voldemort fits the description perfectly. You are born a psycholpath so Merope's love for her son could not have changed that. If she survived I believe she would have loved her son, but I also believe she would still feel sad and defeated. Though some love would be shown toward him, he would also pick up on his mother's sadness so he would still view love as a weakness. Between being a psychopath and viewing love as a weakness, I do not believe that Merope could have prevented her son from becoming what he is today.
I agree that had Merope lived, Tom would have grown to hate her--with a combination of his Father's pride and his grandfather's prejudice. Tom might have been born a psychopath but I think he might have funneled this into different activities if he'd grown up in different circumstances.

I wonder if Merope had continued to give Riddle Sr. the love potion what would have occurred? He would have grown attached to his son I'm sure. Would Tom have figured out his dad was under the influence of the love potion eventually? What would have been his views on non-magic people if the only magic person he knew manipulated someone for years with magic?

Also, If Merope had stopped the potion several years after Tom was born, would Riddle Sr. have taken his son with him? It would have been clear quite early that he was handsome and confident like his father. If he had been raised only by his muggle father what would he have thought of muggles?

I know these are all 'what ifs' but small changes (as we saw in PoA) can change events dramatically.

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