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Re: Comments on: CoS Forums

I don't really know if this is the right thread to post this in, but I don't know where else it could go and I didn't think that it would merit its own thread.

I typed into a search engine and I found a link to this page: (edit).
I don't know if anyone knew about it or not, but I has statistics and demographics of the visitors to this forum. They even have charts of site traffic and can even see the huge spike in the middle of the summer :P Apparently, "Addicts", or people with more than 30 page views here per month (30 page views, puh-lease :P), account for 55% of the total page hits. Out of the 20,267,997 sites that they have data on, CoS is ranked 162,157...not bad. :P There's a bunch of random statistics about the site there, I just thought it was interesting.

Edit: I took the link out because I realized that the rankings on the site have some...err..."tasteless" sites listed. I don't know if that means that I can't link to the site or not, since I didn't link to the rankings page, but I figured it'd be better to be safe than sorry :P The stats are still interseting anyways.

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