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Re: Moderation of threads

And here in lies the problem, folks.

Two different sides of the debate trying to explain what they meant. Welcome to 8 years of debating Harry Potter on CoS Forums.

We are set the impossible task of trying to temper two sides that have two very different sets of perceptions. Differences in nuance and tone cannot be conveyed over the internet, so the raw, written word is the only way to draw conclusions over individual conduct. One side suggests something, perfectly innocently and the post-reporting begins. One single line out of place sets things ablaze on here, because there is this common goal of always being right. Of always having the last word, irrespective of the frivolity of the campaign. There is no harm in 'moving on' as many a moderator has requested people do time & time again in these threads.

Eliza, you wrote something that got peoples backs up. I then had to read about your anger toward me and the staff in a Social Group not at all set up for that purpose. You seem completely incapable of tempering yourself when asked to. You presume to know the score about how we moderate on here, but you do not have the benefit of the great "All Seeing Eye." You do not see the warning logs like we do, so your accusations toward us do not measure up to the past few years of warnings that both sides of the debate have received.

Your scope for how we deal with issues is blinkered, rather heavily by your own personal bias. To rationalise your issues, we need to take them in the wider context of the debates at hand. Your bitterness toward the fanbase is exemplified by your characterization of them. You've shown your disdain for people by your bitter posting in this thread today and then expect the Mods to 'resign' for lack of dealing with your personal disgust. But unless you see what part YOU play in lowering the tone, no amount of action we do will ever completely satisfy you. Unless you are prepared to look at yourself and wonder where you fit into all this, what we do is merely a fools errand.

There is no 'safe' way to moderate a debate surrounding Snape or any hot button HP issue. We spent several years deeply embedded in the "Love Wars," a period in which Harmony & Heron shippers went at it with posts so long, it made dissertations look like footnotes. There are debates going back years that have scarred the perceptions of members forever, to the extent that our only course of action is to move under our own imperfect perceptions and do our best to temper the debates. What you do not see, rather regularly, is how we request people to edit posts. How we make in-thread comments for people to 'move on'. We attempt to give people opportunities to correct comments or attitudes before things get too far. You cannot say you never had the opportunity if two or three posts above you, a moderator says "Move on."

However, we sometimes *miss* things. That's human nature. We rely on the post reporting system. We rely on keen eyes. But that doesn't mean we'll capture every incident of every waking hour. Things get missed, but if that does not excuse us of our responsibilities it does not entitle others to act like lone gun[persons] and enact their own retribution by way of snarky, unhelpful posts in reply. In that way, we'll treat you as equally as you treat others.

If your last hurrah to me, Eliza, is to say I am a laughing stock, all I can suggest is that you get your membership card to the club of people who repeatedly relay that same message to me just before they make a sweeping exit from the site. I would warn you though, one of those club card holders has socks older than lanifiel.

I'm leaving it there for now, because opinions have been made. I won't go further with any public discussion of members warnings.

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