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Re: Molly Weasley: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by Sereena View Post

That's an interesting point and I think it further goes to show that the wizarding world is less than egalitarian when it comes to gender. Providing day care for children is an important part of giving women the opportunity to return to work as quickly as possible if they so desire yet the wizarding society lacks that. This would indicate that like Molly herself, many witches had to stay home and homeschool their children, probably not having time for work outside the home. Though, of course, the fathers could also be home and take care of the children but seeing as we don't see that happening...
Perhaps this is exactly the life that Molly wanted. She doesn't seem to me to resent it in any way. Maybe she never wanted a career.

We see other female characters who didn't seem to choose to have children - McGonagall, for example. Plus, Tonks chose to fight along side Lupin during the final battle, even though they had a young child. The wizarding world doesn't appear to judge any of them for those choices, IMHO (although there is a thread here which discusses Tonks' decision).

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