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Re: Harry Potter: Character Analysis v2

Do not bother me that Harry uses the Cruciatus Curse, but is the reason that is absurd and wrong. He not used it when Sirius was killed (and for me it would be a valid reason, Harry was shocked and a life had been broken. A life. It’s very important), but he used to a spit to a professor... (what is more important for Harry? His godfather’s life or his professor? Well... if his reaction is the answer... Harry don’t care much about of his godfather... but I already knew...) Harry’s anger is not an excuse, because so Harry seems a person that if gets angry becomes dangerous and evil... Also, he uses the cruciatus curse to a spit and not uses it, a few pages later, for Hermione who is almost killed by an AK of Crabbe, and I don’t disapprove this because I cared about Hermione, after reading DH and especially Kreacher’s tale, I can’t stand her, and I put her on the same level of another character that disturbs me , but this made me think that Harry in DH does not seems to be able to make the right decisions, he hardly knows how to distinguish between good and evil... and for me that Harry is one of the favorite characters... well DH has ruined the character for me.

Unforgiven curses are so called because its users is not forgiven, so does not mean that if a good person uses them for a good purpose these curses become good. These curses should not to be used. There is no excuses or justifications. What Professor McGonagall says is nonsense “Potter, I—that was very—very gallant of you— " . (DH – chapter 30 “The Sacking of Severus Snape”) These curses do not become good because a good person used them, otherwise they would be simple spells that can be good or bad depending on how a person uses them.

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