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I think the map is a stroke of magical genuis. I doubt I could even draw a map Hogwarts let alone make it recognise people, their positions and who they are. The editorial was good also as it pointed out that not everything in the books is perfect. Of course I'm not blaming JKR, in fact it brings a sense of realism to the creation of the map that the Marauders were not 'perfect' wizards, especially after the mistaken identity of the Crouch's.

What does surprise me is that the Weasley twins never did pick up on Pettigrew. And also brings up the point on whether the map works outside of Hogwarts. Does it go blank, stop moving after the edge of the grounds? The map is definately the most 'close and yet so far' magical artefact that we have come across in terms of knowledge of its powers and boundaries.

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