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Part of this editorial assumes that everyone know everybody. 1st, DD said that few people knew that the bright boy named Tom Riddle became Lord Voldemort. So, why would the Weasley twins see "Tom Riddle:" on the map and think Voldemort. He could be one of hundreds of students. I doubt the Weasely twins know everyone and there names. We know for a fact Harry doesn't (doesn't know the names of all the girls who ask him to the Yule Ball) so I doubt Geroge and Fred no everyones names. This can go for Peter Pettigrew too. They might have heard of him before book 3 (unlike Harry) but can we expect they would remember him vividly???

Also the author of the editorial says the maps shows Hogwarts and the ground that the Maurader's explored. I doubt they were ever in the Chamber of Secrets. Like many of the students during Harry's time, they might not have even known about it.

Also, Tom Riddle happens upon a prophecy about himself? What while he is just strolling in the Department of Ministries as a boy (not a pwerful Voldemort)? And as to LV and Riddle being to seperate entities, not according to JKR. And since she is the writer I'm goin with her on that one.

All in all this was too crazy to be even considered speculation.

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