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Originally Posted by mark_evens
Don't forget that scene in Dumbledore's office where he pulls out the little metel instrument, which spinns around, a snake comes out, splits in two, and what not. Dumbledore says, "Yes, yes, but in essence divided," or something like that.
My interpretation of that section is that Voldemort isn't split between himself and Tom Riddle, but that the part of Voldemort that was transferred to Harry is alive and well in Harry - as Voldemort. This is why Hatry had the urge to lash out at Dumbledore when he passed close by.

As for the Map - It obviously wouldn't show the Chamber of Secrets becaue it was created as a reflection of what James, Sirius, Lupin and Peter discovered when they explored the school and grounds. What I find really interesting, is that James and the others didn't successfully learn to transform themselves until their 5th year. It makes me wonder how much they knew about the school before then Obviously James and Sirius were HUGE troublemakers on their own and probably discovered many of the secret tunnels and things before their 5th year. But it's 100% possible that they didn't find everything. They obviusly hadn't found the room of requirement because Sirius didn't suggest it as a place to practice on his own and didn't seem to know about it when Harry told him they had found a place.

And this brings up a new idea for me. - When Harry "created" the room of Requirement for the classes, one thing that showed up was the exact same foe glass he had seen in Moody's office. Does that mean the room produces things that already exist by moving them there? Or does it create things out of thin air like Dumbledore does when "drawing up a chair" when he needs one? Obviously all those books that showed up weren't specific items the trio were thinking about when "creating" the room, but they were there nonetheless. So the room is smart enough to know what you need (maybe Hermione was thinking books, and these are the ones that showed up, but the room was smart enough to get the right books for her) but where do the things come from? And if they come out of thin air, why did the foe glass have the same crack in it as the one Harry had seen?

If the things come from existing locations, is it possible the owner would notice it missing while it was in the room? Or are they possibly duplicates of things that exist? Can you take them out of the room? Is ti possible for Ron to walk back and forth in front of the room thinking he needs a large pile of gold and have gold magically show up? Or could Harry think he needs something to defeat Voldemort and what he needs will show up?

This is a room I REALLY want to know more about.

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