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Originally Posted by mark_evens
Don't forget that scene in Dumbledore's office where he pulls out the little metel instrument, which spinns around, a snake comes out, splits in two, and what not. Dumbledore says, "Yes, yes, but in essence divided," or something like that.
My interpretation of that section is that Voldemort isn't split between himself and Tom Riddle, but that the part of Voldemort that was transferred to Harry is alive and well in Harry - as Voldemort. This is why Hatry had the urge to lash out at Dumbledore when he passed close by.
I brought that up because it is never explained. It's one of those instances where JKR gives us the tinsi winsiest bit of some thing in the future to come. Just a teaser. Now we can theorize about it untill the cows come home. Its pretty obvious that it has to do with voldemort, but what is harry's connection? What is it that is divided. "But in essence divided." Does that mean that it seems whole, but in reality it is two? We'll just have to wait for this one.

If I'm not mistaken, this scene occures just after Harry has the dream of Arthur being attacked in the Dept. of Mysteries. The context is an important clue as well, but we really don't have enought to go off of. JKR knows what she is doing.

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