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Originally Posted by ID824
I know it's just a theory, but what I think is very significant is that both Harry and Voldemort now have a little bit of each other in them. Voldemort gave Harry some of himself and took into himself a bit of Harry. They are now joined and I have to wonder if the *twinkle* in Dumbledore's eyes upon hearing this news isn't just because now Voldemort is "mortal" enough to be killed. That seems to be the popular theory, but I personally think it's something deeper than that. There are so many areas of the story that are so well crafted that I have to believe that simply being made more human is not enough. I think the fact that they share a little bit of each other is what will give Harry the ability to take Voldemort down without necessarily facing him in a wizard duel.
I didn't realize that! They both have a bit of eachother. That seems to good to pass up as a plot thing. That "twinkle" in Dumbledore's eye was another one of those tinsi winsi little tease of something. They are all over if you look for them.

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