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Originally Posted by mark_evens
I didn't realize that! They both have a bit of eachother. That seems to good to pass up as a plot thing. That "twinkle" in Dumbledore's eye was another one of those tinsi winsi little tease of something. They are all over if you look for them.
What wil be really interesting this time around is that everybody in the school will know all about Voldemort being back, and all the Death Eaters that got caught - especially Draco's dad - and it will be interesting to see how this plays out in school. It will make the DADA class so much more important from the student's point of view - I wonder if Dumbledore will allow the DA club meetings to continue or if Harry will be too busy with his own lessons to prepare for meeting Voldemort. Unless Dumbledore has some kind of magic that works specifically with two people having a little bit of each other in themselves, he's going to have to learn how to defend himself long enough to survive. I also wonder if Voldemort will get a new wand so as not to have to worry about the Priori Incantum from happening again.

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