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Re: Hardest scene to watch

OK so Ive always found it awkward to watch any scene from the movies where Harry blatantly talks about how his parents are dead or that Voldemort killed them, but in HBP out of the 4 times Ive seen it TWICE something has happened, but mainly in the midnight showing that I just don't understand. So at the midnight showing it was a packed theater of over 700 people and the scene where Harry is talking to Slughorn I believe it was and Harry drops Voldemorts name and Slughorn says not to say his name and Harry says something along the lines of "Sorry he killed my parents" at that moment the ENTIRE theater of 700 people except my group of friends started LAUGHING hysterically at this. I just don't get it, what is so funny about someone revealing that his parents were killed? Twice the theater I was in laughed but the midnight was worse because of the amount of people. Can someone please shine some light on this for me? Am I missing the humor in this?

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