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Re: Hardest scene to watch

The scene in the cave, where Harry was force feeding Dumbledore the potion. I thought both Michael Gambon and Dan Radcliffe acted that so well. Very emotional scene.

Originally Posted by ignisia View Post
SWM. Snape's getting bullied, which is always hard to watch, and Lily just wasn't there! How are they going to explain that in DH2?
I find SWM very difficult to watch, too.

Originally Posted by ignisia View Post
Dumbledore's death. There's so much pain in AR's delivery of the AK. It makes you so sad for Snape and what he's going through there.
Alan Rickman and Tom Felton acted that scene absolutely wonderfully! Really heartwrenching watching their emotions, especially the feeling potrayed in their eyes.

Originally Posted by SevrusSnape View Post

But a serious hard to watcher - Cedric's death, only for his father's reaction.
Heartbreaking, that one.

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