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Re: Questions/Comments on Reporting Posts.

I know the answer to this is probably "No, we've got far too much work as it is", but is it possible to have some explanation of why no action has been taken on a post we've reported?

It's just that a couple of times I've reported a post in which someone has made what seemed like a devastatingly humiliating personal attack on me or another poster which really upset me, and I've actually found it even more upsetting when the humiliating comment is left on the thread unedited and I never find out why.

I know that I have a tendency to be a tad paranoid. And I also know that the line between what is considered appropriately robust debate and what is considered unacceptable rudeness falls in a different place in different cultures, and sometimes even for different individuals, so I do accept that not everything I find horrendously rude will be acted on.

In an ideal world, though, it would be nice to get an owl saying "We do see why X's comment upset you, but we felt that s/he didn't mean it offensively and you may have misunderstood it/although a little too aggressive in tone, it wasn't inappropriate enough to breach CoS's rudeness policy etc", just so I feel my feelings have been acknowledged and I understand better how CoS's policy works, for future reference.

Just to iterate, I know this may not be practically possible as you're all overworked already and I think you do a fantastic job of moderating a forum with lots of lively, edgy debates, so this is merely a suggestion, not a criticism.


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