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::pounces:: Final Fantasy? Booyaka. I've played FFIV to FFX, though I've only beaten the later-day PSX ones and FFV. Mostly because my PS2's on the fritz, but I digress.

The idea of sequels scare me. Truly. For one thing, I hope that they never make a sequel to FFVII, though with the rumors with the new Sony handheld floating around, things look grim. I dunno, this might just be me, but consider: what could they do? There is nothing, I say, nothing that Squaresoft could do that could compare with years of plotting by hordes of fans. The Aeris Affair would, alone, cause no end of trouble: no matter if they bring her back for a sequel or leave her dead, someone's going to be ****** off.

FFX-2 looks horrible, the more I learn about it. Though the opening sequence is pure eyecandy and decently swank.

Oh, and Nanaki rocks. As does Auron and Rikku. As well as Freya Crescent. And Locke Cole, but as most people haven't experienced him, I'll move on. It's so hard to pick just one.


Dangit, now I really wanna play FFT again....

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