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Re: The Legend of Zelda

Originally Posted by Rhys135 View Post
The Legend of Zelda is fantastic!

I recently finished Phantom Hourglass and loved every moment of it. the control's were perfect and many of the puzzle's were original, and only possible on the DS!

Getting Link's Crossbow Training for Christmas. Look's promising. Looking forward to trying the multiplayer, and I hope the Wii zapper is as good as it look's in the trailer's.

My favourite Zelda remains Ocarina of Time, due to it being the first of it's kind and it was the first 'epic' game I played, and is still one of the best ever.

BTW, Mario Galaxy has taken Ocarina's place as the best game ever on
I'm debating getting a DS, the last handheld I had was a Gameboy color. But I'm really tempted to play Phantom Hourglass. And now you make me want it even more.

Ocarina of Time is my favorite Zelda game too! Ah, I can't believe Mario Galaxy took it's place. I like Mario Galaxy, but I still like Ocarina more. Oh well, 2nd isn't bad at all, especially after all these years.

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