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Re: FAD: Last Author Standing -Entries!

Round IV Week II

Topic: Bill and Fleur's First Date

Entry #1

Date in the Leaky Cauldron

It was a chilly night in London, which was surprising, given the fact that it was nearing summer. But Bill Weasley didn’t enter the Leaky Cauldron through the front door. Instead, in a plume of smoke and ash, he arrived from the fireplace. He brushed himself off and walked up to the bar.

“Mr. Weasley!” Tom, the barman said, “How are you this fine evening? More business at Gringott’s, I assume?”

“Tom, how many times have I told you,” Bill said, “Mr. Weasley is my father’s name. Call me Bill. And no. Actually, I have a date.”

“You’re the one your mother wrote to me about?” Tom asked, “Wow. I assumed it would’ve been one of your younger brothers. One of the twins, perhaps.”

Bill scoffed.

“Please,” he said, laughing, “They are more worried about their concoctions they’ve been brewing in their room. Mum’s been trying to stop them. You should have heard her. ‘They are going to kill themselves up there!’ And she wants me to talk to them! Ha!”

“I see,” Tom said, looking around, “So who is the lucky lady?”

“Oh, she isn’t here yet,” Bill said, “But you will notice her right away. Bright blond hair. Just gorgeous.”

“Landed yourself a veela, have you?” Tom asked, smirking.

Bill said nothing, though he felt his face flush.

“Well, I have set up a special table in the corner,” Tom said, nodding to the wall to his left.

Bill glanced around and found the table. There was nothing really special about the table. In fact, it looked just as normal as the others. Even the atmosphere seemed as dusty as the soot and ash he had walked through a few moments before.

“Do you want anything while you wait for your lovely lady?” Tom asked, “Firewhisky, perhaps?”

“Oh, too early in the night for that!” Bill said, grinning.

“Never too early,” Tom said, “Why, as I recall –“

“Just a butterbeer, please,” Bill interrupted him, quickly.

“Coming up!” Tom said.

Bill walked over to the reserved table. As soon as he got close, the table magically changed. It went from a dusty, wooden-planked table, to a marble table complete with flowery tablecloth, two candles and napkin-ladden silverware. The dusty atmosphere had disappeared and the air seemed cleaner.

“Impressive!” Bill said to himself, as he sat down.

A moment later, Tom walked over.

“Impressive!” Bill said to him.

“One of my trade secrets,” Tom said, “From far away, the table looks normal. Just so the other customers don’t get jealous, you see.”

“Good idea!” Bill said.

“Thank you!” Tom said, “One butterbeer for you.”

Tom gave the butterbeer to Bill and walked away. Not a moment later, the front door of the Leaky Cauldron opened. Bill looked over to see a bright blonde, beautiful woman walking in. The dusty air around her seemed to clean itself up as she walked in. Fleur Delacour immediately spotted Bill and walked over to the table. As she got closer, she stopped and her eyes went wide. During this brief moment, Bill was finally able to get a better look at her outfit, which was a body-length white dress.

“William!” she said.

“Y-y-you look – well –“ Bill stuttered, unable to finish his sentence.

Fleur swooped down on him and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you,” she said, in a thick French accent.

Bill rubbed his cheek, which felt as if it was burning, as Fleur sat down across from him. Moments later, Tom returned to the table with menus. He set the menus on the table.

“What can I get for you and your lovely date?” he said to Bill.

Bill was still speechless as he continued to look at Fleur.

“Let’s try drinks for starters, eh?” Tom said, a little louder.

“What?” Bill said, breaking out of his dream-like state, “Oh, yes, drinks. Well, er… I have mine.”

“I’ll take whatever ‘e’s ‘aving,” Fleur said.

“Coming right up!” Tom said, “How about you two just take a look at your menus.”

“Right,” Bill said.

Bill opened up his menu and put it in front of his face, hoping it would block some of Fleur’s powers.

“What eez good ‘ere, Bill?” Fleur asked, deeply, “All o’ zis food sounds so… fattening.”

“Er…” Bill said, continuing to look at his menu, “I don’t really know. I don’t usually have dinner here. In fact, it is my first time having dinner here.”

“Maybe zat fascinating bartender can ‘elp us?” Fleur suggested.

“Yeah… maybe,” Bill said.

When Bill had finally regained all of his senses, he started to panic slightly. He really wanted to impress Fleur, and it didn’t look as if he was doing very good at it. He hadn’t been ready for Fleur’s powers. Even if she was just part-veela, that part of her was so strong.

Perhaps it is because she really likes you, you fool, Bill thought.

That could be true. But was it? Before Bill could give himself an answer, Tom returned.

“Here you go, miss,” Tom said, handing Fleur the bottle of butterbeer, “Now, what can I get you?”

“We really don’t know what to get,” Bill said, “Perhaps you can suggest us something?”

“Aha!” Tom said, “Yes! Might I suggest the special for tonight. Fish and chips with a nice salad on the side. Dessert comes free!”

“That sounds great,” Bill said, “Fleur?”

“Charmant!” Fleur said.

“Wonderful!” Tom said, “I will be back in a few minutes.”

He grabbed the menus from Bill and Fleur and walked away.

“I ‘ope eet eesn’t too fattening,” Fleur said, “I didn’t want to be too mean to ze nice man.”

“I bet it is great,” Bill said.

“You know,” Fleur said, “I wasn’t zat surprised when you asked me to come tonight.”

“Really?” Bill asked.

“No,” Fleur said, “Een fact, I was ‘oping you would ask me. You're one of ze reasons I came to London. Een fact, to tell you ze truth, working at Gringott’s wouldn’t be zat fun eef you weren’t zair.”

“What are you talking about?” Bill said, going red, “Gringott’s is wonderful!”

“Excuse moi?! You are not telling me zat you like ze goblins, are you?” Fleur said, “Zey are ze worst creatures I’ve ever laid me eyes on!”

Bill sensed that it wasn’t going too well. He had to lie.

“Oh, yeah,” Bill said, “No, I don’t like them. Nasty goblins. But it helps when bringing in the gold.”

“Yeah,” Fleur said, “But enough 'bout zem goblins. I want to talk about you. I want to theenk you for ‘elping me with my Eenglish.”

“Oh, it wasn’t that bad to begin with,” Bill lied.

“You are veery nice, Bill,” Fleur said, “You know. When I saw you wiz your muzzer at ‘Ogwarts, I knew you would be zis nice. The way you and your family supported ze Potter boy when ‘e ‘ad no support otherwise.”

Bill was then reminded what his father had asked him. His father wanted him to talk to Fleur and possibly get her into the Order of the Phoenix. But he had to do this cautiously.

“You believe Potter, then?” Bill asked, lowering his voice to a whisper, “You believe that You-Know-Who is back?”

“Excuse moi?” Fleur asked.

“Well you were there when Harry brought Diggory’s body back,” Bill said, “What do you think happened?”

“’Ow am I supposed to know?” Fleur asked, “Are you expecting me to zink Potter killed him? Beel, where is zis coming from? I didn’t expect anything like zis.”

“You-Know-Who is back,” Bill whispered, before he could stop himself, “And a few of my friends have formed a… a group to stop him. I was wondering if you would join.”

Fleur didn’t answer right away. She just stared at Bill with narrowed eyes.

“I’m sorry,” Bill said, “I shouldn’t have said anything. My father wanted me to ask.”

“I will do it,” Fleur said.

“You will?” Bill said.

“Let me be ‘onest wiz you, Bill,” Fleur said, “I really like you. I was ‘oping you would feel ze same way. And I want to see where zis goes. So I will join zis group of yours. Just do a couple things for me. Don’t tell many people I ‘ave joined. Not yet at least. And keep ze nasty goblins away from me. Please?”

“Of course,” Bill said, grinning.

“Wonderful!” Fleur said.

“So you do want another date?” Bill said.

“Anuzzer one?” Fleur asked, incredulously, “We ‘aven’t even started this one!”

“Oh… right,” Bill said, downheartened.

“Of course I will want anuzzer date,” Fleur said.

Bill smiled. Fleur stood up and swooped down on Bill again. This time she kissed him on the lips.

Bill’s face flushed. He was still red in the face when Tom brought their dinner over. The date wasn’t really romantic as Bill hoped it would be. But he wasn’t surprised. It was a first date… and you couldn’t really call a date in the Leaky Cauldron romantic.

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