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Re: FAD: Last Author Standing -Entries!

Entry #3

A Date To Remember

Fleur was working at Gringott’s to improve her English-speaking abilities, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy herself, too. It was difficult, however, when the only men she saw on a regular basis were either goblins, whose beady and suspicious eyes made her shudder, or wizards who stared at her with goggly eyes and a mouth that opened and closed silently like a fish out of water. She had been trying to suppress her Veela abilities, but it was so much work and still did little good around many of these men.

Then he walked in. Bill Weasley was reassigned from a branch in Egypt and returned here with many cursed items in special cases that he could work on in specially controlled environments under tightest security as he got time.

While Bill looked at her appreciatively, he didn’t seem to be tongue-tied or under a spell around her. He was the only one who could hold a decent conversation with her. She was quickly assigned to be his assistant, since the goblins immediately noticed that he was the only one she could work with where there actually would be some work accomplished. Other women didn’t like her and virtually refused to work with her, while the men clambered for the opportunity, but then stood and watched her much more than they worked. Bill accepted her, worked with her, taught her how to carefully check for curses and actually spoke with her and helped her to improve her English.

She learned that he was able to resist her Veela charms because many of the objects he dealt with had curses on them that enticed anyone who approached to touch the object, thereby killing them quickly. He had learned how to ignore such temptation and did so very easily now. While her Veela qualities weren’t curses, they worked on similar principles as many of the enticements.

The pair spoke of many things they had seen around the world and anything they could think of to pass the time as they worked on inventorying the objects he had brought, as well as others being sent here for him, and the curses on each. He generally made her stay away as he tried to break the curses and wouldn’t let her touch them, of course. Sometimes, he even made her leave the room as he magically examined some of the more virulently cursed objects.

After a month of working closely together, Bill asked Fleur if she would like to try out this new little Greek restaurant that had just opened in Diagon Alley.

“That sounds wonderful, Beel! I enjoy ze Greek food very much! Eet eez not so fattening as your Eeeenglish foods!”

Bill smiled at the thought that she had to worry about that. After work, he offered her his arm and they walked from Gringotts, down the Alley to the new restaurant. They had just gotten seated and ordered their drinks when a goblin appeared beside the table, as distraught as any Bill had ever seen.

“You must come back to the bank! At once!!”

“What is it?” Bill asked, tossing some coins on the table for their drinks as he stood.

“Gronk tried to finish the inventory of the new items that came in and one has a very bad curse on it. It has already killed three goblins and severely injured seven more. You must come quickly and contain it before anyone else is cursed.”

Bill nodded and seemed to remember Fleur only when she touched his arm. “I’m sorry about our date. Rain check?”

She looked confused. “I do not understand ziz, what, rain check?”

Bill shook his head. “I’ll explain later. I have to go. I’ll see you at the bank in the morning.”

“Non! I am your assistant. I will assist!”

“Fleur, this sounds like a really bad one. I don’t want you to risk it. I’ll handle it.” He was starting to walk toward the bank, as the goblin who’d summoned him was tugging at his arm. He watched helplessly as Fleur followed quickly behind.

“I am your assistant. I will assist you,” she staunchly repeated.

Bill didn’t have time to argue. He turned and hurried toward the bank, through the main lobby and toward the high security vault where all new deliveries were put prior to inventory. They had gotten in a new shipment from a new tomb that day, but Bill and Fleur had only gotten through about three quarters of it before time to knock off. Normally, Bill would have stayed to complete the inventory, but he had decided he would not make Fleur wait, and they had left to go on their date. Gronk, a surly goblin, had not liked that decision and had obviously chosen to try to show Bill up by completing his work for him. And the unfortunate creature had paid for his arrogance with his life and those of several others.

As they neared the vault, Bill could see injured goblins lying outside it and two goblins trying to stop a third from entering the vault. “It has a strong enticement curse. One strong enough to even make goblins rush to their dooms,” the one who had summoned them pointed out unnecessarily.

Bill took out his wand and used a shield spell to keep all the goblins away, but Fleur was too close to exclude with the spell, so he told her, “Stay here.”

She shook her head. “I should come wiz you…in case you need me.”

Realizing that her half-Veela heritage might help her resist this as it had others, he nodded once and hurried forward.

As soon as he entered the vault, he saw the square, richly engraved case in the middle of the bodies of more than the three goblins Darkhand had mentioned. Others were trying vainly to rouse themselves and pull their already battered bodies toward the case.

Bill quickly waved his wand to levitate the closest, moving goblin toward and through the door until he was outside the shield and unable to return. As he turned back for the next, he saw Fleur had taken out her wand and was doing the same for the next goblin. Working together, they had the room cleared of live goblins, then dead bodies in short order.

Bill carefully approached the chest and saw a wisp rise above it, taking the shape of Fleur, but it was certainly not Fleur. This image was overtly sexy and enticing, where the real Fleur was more elegant and alluring. This image was wearing a red, spaghetti strap dress that ended high on her thighs and had one strap falling down, threatening with every movement to uncover more of her perfectly-formed body.

“Beel, come here, mon cher. I weell give you a night you weell nev-air forget.” Her movements were slow and entrancing, but Bill was able to ignore them and began to move his wand and mutter incantations that would reveal the exact type of curse that was generating the image so he could counter it.

As it saw Bill ignoring it, the specter became angry and the face showed the other side of a Veela. It became angry, the face transforming into a bird, the back sprouting scaly wings. The words changed to angry threats and taunts. “You think I would ever like you!?! You are disgusting! You’re not even a good wizard. I prefer the goblins to you. They are strong with strong magic. You are weak and pathetic. You’re not even a real man.” When it had run out of insults to hurl at Bill, it began on his family and friends.

Bill steadily ignored the words and worked his magic on the cursed object until suddenly, the image deflated like a balloon with the air quickly released. Before coming closer, however, Bill cast two more spells to bind the spirit within the small casket and shield anyone entering the room from the remaining effects of the curse.

He turned to see Fleur looking at him curiously. “It should be safe now. We’ll deal with it more tomorrow.”

Fleur nodded and followed Bill out of the vault. They tried to help the injured goblins, but they were too proud to allow a witch and a wizard to help them any further, since the injuries were their own fault to begin with.

As the couple walked out of the bank, Bill looked at Fleur. “Well, we still need to eat. Feel like going back to the restaurant?”

Fleur smiled slightly and nodded, then took Bill’s arm as they strolled down to the restaurant.

As they seated themselves and ordered new drinks, Fleur spoke up. “Why did zat curse zat attack you look like me? Well, it was a very unflattering and fatter version, so I am sure it could not have been a very good curse, but why did it try to look like me?”

Bill was too adept at hiding his feelings to react to her accusation as she expected, but he couldn’t stop a bit of heat from creeping up his neck. “Well, probably because you were there.”

Fleur shook her head. “Non! It could have done a better job of imitating me if it had paid attention to ze fact zat I was zere. I do not look like zat! Where did it get zat image of me?”

Bill was suddenly regretting teaching her about the curses. “Well, um,” for the first time, Bill seemed as tongue-tied as the rest of the males around Fleur.

“’Ave you been imagining me in zat way, Beel?”

Bill pulled at his shirt collar, that suddenly seemed far too tight. “Well, not exactly that, well, I mean, of course I was thinking of you, Fleur. We had been having a nice date and you were there and…you know that curses don’t use the truth. They take grains of truth and…use it, twist it. You can’t believe I think those things about my family and Harry!”

Fleur considered, then shook her head. “No, I suppose not. I will believe you do not see me as zat fat and ugly.”

Bill chuckled and hid his head behind the menu. Fat and ugly? Only Fleur could see that beautiful creature and say it was fat and ugly.

They gave their orders and made small talk as they waited for their food, then ate with gusto. At least, Bill did. He had worked up quite an appetite dealing with the curse. Fleur daintily picked at her food, though she declared it to be quite delicious.

When they had finished and Fleur refused dessert, forcing Bill to do the same out of politeness, they stood and decided to take a stroll up and down the Alley to walk off the “heavy meal” as Fleur called it.

All her talk of food made Bill ask, “So, Fleur, do you cook?”

She nodded. “But of course. It is a requirement zat all well-bred ladies know ’ow to cook. I will make some man a very good wife one day…when I am ready. I can take care of ze ’ouse, ze baby, and ze man quite well.”

“Do you intend to keep working?”

She shook her head vigorously. “A wife is to stay at ’ome and take care of her man and zeir children. I work now to improve my English and because I ’ave nozzing else to do, but I will stop and stay ’ome as soon as I marry. My mozzer would be scandalized by a daughter who worked outside ze ’ome. She does not like it zat I work now, but accepts it.” She almost added, “Wait until you meet ’er and you will understand.” Just in time, she realized she shouldn’t play her hand just yet. It was only their first date. It was too soon for him to accept that they would one day marry. Men were so maddeningly slow that way! But she was a lady and she would be patient until he accepted the inevitable and proposed to her.

But she couldn’t hold back, “I weel show you tomorrow night ’ow well I cook. You come to my flat and I weel cook as you have never tasted before,” she promised.

That enticement was almost stronger than the curse Bill had resisted earlier and he had an inkling that he just might be in trouble stronger than any curse ever he’d run across…and just maybe, one he had no wish to break!

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