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Re: FAD: Last Author Standing -Entries!

Entry #5

Victoire looked up from the butterbeer as Teddy entered the ‘Three Broomsticks’. She gave him a brief smile before returning her attention back to the glass in her hand. Teddy returned her smile before sitting down beside her and waited for Victoire to speak. Teddy could read Victoire like a book and knew that something was bothering her. A normally bubbly and full-of-life girl looked listless and anxious, an emotions that rarely found it’s way between them.

Then she confessed what she had long been pondering.

“Deep down, Teddy, I don’t like men.”

Teddy guessed that Victoire’s last date hadn’t gone as per planned and the somewhat sudden outburst was a result of it. She had been going out with Mark Randers of Ravenclaw for the past six months and Teddy had sensed uneasiness on Victoire’s part before the date this morning.

“You know that’s not true,” Teddy responded.

“I mean in the sense of trust, Teddy,” she elaborated. “I have never really trusted any man.”

“But you trust me.”

“That’s different,” Victoire responded quickly.

Both of them were silent for a moment.

And then Teddy whispered, ”Why?”

“Why what?” asked Victoire, trying to buy some time.

“Why am I different from other men?”

She could not reply. She had never really thought about it.

No, ofcourse she had!

Finally, Victoire said,” I don’t know, Teddy. I mean, for as far back as I can remember, you’ve always been the most important person in my life.”

“You didn’t answer my question, Victoire. Why am I different from other men?”

She shrugged, ”I guess because we’ve always been …such good friends.”

Teddy looked at Victoire and asked softly ,”And that precludes everything?”

Victoire was once again silent, so Teddy went on.

“Can you honestly say that you’ve never thought of us as…a real couple? I confess that I have. I mean, I’ve always chased those fantasies away because I didn’t want to lose the special thing we have…”

Victoire smiled self-consciously but found courage to prod on,”Ofcourse I’ve had those thoughts. I have spent all my six years at Hogwarts explaining to the rest of them that we were just friends and…you know not lovers.”

“That makes two of us. But Vicky, I can’t do that anymore.”


He answered with another question. “Which one of us is the more afraid, Vicky?”

Victoire thought for a moment and replied softly,”Me. I always thought that you knew me too well-all my secret faults to like me that way.”

“But I do like you that way, Vicky,”Teddy enthused. “I love you in every way.”

Victoire lowered her head and even though Teddy couldn’t see her face he knew that she was crying.

“Miss Victoire Weasley. Tell the truth. Have I lost my best mate?”

Victoire looked up at Teddy and the tears in her eyes couldn’t hide the smile on her face.

“I hope so,” replied Victoire softly. “Because I’ve always wished that you would love me in more than a platonic way, the way I love you.”

“Well, Miss Weasley,” said Teddy, his eyes glinting, as it always did when he was in a jovial mood,” I have inside information that there is going to be a Hogsmeade trip next week. What do you think about meeting up again for our first date then?”

“Our second date.”


“Well, we still have time to complete our first one right now,” Victoire replied in a mischievous tone. Teddy, who had never seen this side of Victoire, was more than happy to oblige. And the rest as they say is History. They might have lived happily ever after but I don’t know that yet and I believe in precise journalism even when I am writing a gossip column.

-Rita Skeeter (Yes, I’ve changed!)

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