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Re: Temporary Last Author Standing Entries Thread


Topic: Bellatrix and Narcissa finding out their sister is going to marry a mudblood

Entry #1

The door slammed. In walked a middle-aged man with shockingly blonde hair. He threw off his cloak onto a nearby house elf and made for the kitchen.

“Narcissa, you simply must do something about your family. They’re--” but he quickly stopped when he saw two women sitting at the table. The two women were oddly contrasted against each other. Narcissa’s hair was as light as her husband’s and her skin nearly as fair; but Bellatrix was dark and her hair matched her attitude.

“We’re so what Lucius? Do finish,” Bellatrix cackled.

Lucius turned to Narcissa and continued “I only meant that your sister--” Bellatrix stared at him. “Your other sister has greatly displeased the Dark Lord.”

“What now?” Narcissa sighed.

“Andromeda has been no sister of mine. She showed she was loyal to that blood traitor Dumbledore. I told the Dark Lord he should have disposed of her years ago.”

“Bella! Dromeda is still our sister. How could you dare say such a thing?”

“I am loyal to no one besides the Dark Lord.”

“While your sister suggests drastic measures,” Lucius intervened, “the sentiment is true,” he turned toward Narcissa again. “We are loyal to the Dark Lord first, and your sister has proven her disloyalty.”

“How about you quit the school girl gossip Lucius, and tell us what you’re dying to say.”

“Your sister has married the muggle, Ted Tonks. The Dark Lord was not impressed and believes this reflects poorly upon all the Blacks.”

Narcissa gasped, but Bellatrix simply looked amused. “That’s your big news Lucius? Andromeda is loyal to that old fool, Dumbledore; and if anyone’s a muggle-lover it’s him.”

But Narcissa ignored her sister “Dromeda would never do such a thing. She knows the values of this family.”

“Apparently they mean nothing to her,” Lucius said. “The Dark Lord has mocked your family Narcissa, you should be outraged at the actions of your sister. Surely Walburga will be.”

“But she’s my sister,” Narcissa pleaded.

“She is not a Black. We are true Black women! We carried on our family motto –Toujours Pur—It is only that foul sister of ours who laughs at us. The Dark Lord is right to mock us, if our own sister would. We should fix this problem for the Dark Lord. Narcissa surely you agree with me; even your thick husband knows.”

Lucius glared at Bellatrix but did not object.

“I will never harm my own sister,” Narcissa shrieked.

“Then you are just as bad as her,” Bellatrix screamed back before grabbing her wand and fleeing out the door.

Silence flooded the room as Narcissa sat in tears and Lucius knew no way to comfort her.

Finally Lucius broke the devastating silence “she’s right you know.” He turned on his heel and headed into the manor.

Narcissa sat alone in tears thinking of how horrible her family truly was.

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