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Re: Temporary Last Author Standing Entries Thread


Topic: Bellatrix and Narcissa finding out their sister is going to marry a mudblood

Entry #2

The violent wind passed through the narrow opened gap in the window. Causing a non-stopping loud whistling noise. As well as disturbing the flames of the torches hung around the wall. The occupants of the room grew accustomed to the noise and the dancing light. For they didn't show any sign of willingness to shut the window properly.

A young woman was sitting in an armchair. Her feet dangling from one arm of the chair. Her dark silky hair falling off the other. She was focusing hard on her heavy leather-covered copy of Endless creativity: The Dark Arts.

Lying on the couch was her young blonde sister. She was holding a book too, which held pictures of dresses and shoes. In fact it was Madame Malkin's latest catalogue of Party costumes.

" .. make sure you tell Rodolphus and Rabastan to come," the young sister was saying. "I'm sure Lucius has already invited them. Mind you, he's really generous.. Just make sure they're coming."

She threw her catalogue aside and stretched her arms yawning.
"I'm not sure which dress to choose, yet. A good variety this time, if you ask me. You need to choose something, as well Bella. You don't have anything cheerful enough for my party.
Have a look, will you? Bella? Bella!"

Untill then, the blonde sister had been oblivious to her sister's oblivion.

"Yes, Cissy?" Bellatrix raised her eyes from her book. "Sorry, Cissy. What did you say?"

Narcissa was glaring at Bellatrix, " I said; have a look at this. You need to choose a dress for the party."
She threw the catalogue toward Bellatrix who caught it with the tips of her fingers.

Bellatrix skimmed through it: frilly pink, bright blue, ivory satin dresses..

"Dunno, Cissy" Bellatrix handed Narcissa the small book, "You can pick something for me. I like your taste."
That wasn't completely truthful. Bellatrix knew she would regret having Narcissa choose her a dress.

Narcissa watched as Bellatrix's attention shifted from their surroundings to the book in her lap, once more.

Narcissa knew the reason behind Bellatrix's behaviour, lately. Her initiation as a Death Eater was two weeks away. And she didn't know the nature of the initiation, how she'd be accepted in the Dark Lord's order. Whether there'd would be some kind of a test. New Death Eater initiation; was something former Death eaters were forbidden to talk about. Their cousin and Death Eater; Evan Rosier said enigmatically, "You need to leave a good impression,"

So Bella clutching at the straws spent her whole time holding the book. Apparently trying to muster every spell in the book, without much success.

Narcissa didn't know how she felt about the Death Eater stuff. She only knew that she'd rather watch than be in action.

Narcissa knew Bella wouldn't resurface from her book soon. So she fell into her own thoughts, holding a strand of blond hair and started braiding it.

Half way through braiding her long strand, the door of the drawing room was opened and their sister, Andromeda stepped in. Her brown hair was wind-swept. Her cheeks slightly red.

Narcissa was delighted. As much as she loved Bellatrix, she had to admit Andromeda was more talkative.

"And! Come over here! You need to look for a dre--"

"Just a moment Cis!" Andromeda said. Her tone caused Narcissa's face to fall, Bellatrix's head to rise.

"Your party, tell me. When is it?" she asked.

"Next Thursday.." Narcissa answered uncertainly. She didn't want to put it off for any reason.

"That's perfect. Could we have a co-party?"

"Co-party" Bellatrix and Narcissa echoed her.

"Yes. I just .. well.. Just got engaged.. And I thought of.."

"Andromeda!" Bellatrix shrieked and jumped knocking her book away, and threw her arms around her sister. "That's great, And! Congratulations. I'm so happy to hear that."

Andromeda looked less uncomfortable. Apparently she hadn't expected Bellatrix to act like that.

Narcissa was on the other hand was outraged. Bellatrix wasn't that delighted when she heard of her engagement to Lucius Malfoy. Perhaps because Andromeda never showed interest in any boy..

"Whom are you getting married to?" She asked as Bellatrix leaned against the desk her face glowing.

"It's .. Ted.. Ted Tonks.." Andromeda was uncomfortable again.

"Tonks?" Bellatrix and Narcissa said.

"That sounds familiar," Bellatrix added.

"But isn't it that Mudblood from Gryffindor?" Narcissa exclaimed, her eyebrows raised.

Bellatrix's eyes moved quickly from Narcissa to Andromeda. The happiness was replaced by utter disbelief.

Andromeda bit her lip, "It's Ted Tonks. From Gryffindor."

"A Mudblood?" Bellatrix whispered.

"A muggle-born, yes."

Narcissa was watching Bellatrix's narrowed eyes, Andromeda's wide ones.

"You're marrying filth? A Mudblood?" Bellatrix said with revulsion and disdain.

"Even if he's not.. I mean.. Well, I thought you'd have some respect for my choice.."

"Respect!" Bellatrix shrieked. Her hand rummaging in her pocket for her wand, "You wait till I've told our parents, they.."

Andromeda sensing the danger, pulled out her wand, too. "Tell them, then. If all of our family has.."

"Silence! Don't you dare speak of our family when you're committing such an act of.. of.."

Narcissa pulled out her wand. She didn't want casualties, not when her party was three days away.

The words seemed to fail Bellatrix. And before Narcissa could act, Bellatrix raised her wand and a flash of violet blinded Narcissa momentarily. She saw Andromeda dive away, turn on the spot and disappear.

Bellatrix's snarls of rage filled the room as she ran toward the spot where Andromeda had just been standing as if hoping to get hold of her from thin air.
Narcissa willing to be in a fit state for the party, picked her catalogue and hurried out of the room. Her eyes wet with tears.

Two days later Andromeda hadn't shown up again as Bellatrix had expected.
Bellatrix was standing alone in the drawing room. She was facing the family tree. Her wand pointed at Andromeda's name. Bellatrix had just burnt her name out of the tree. And was now tracing the golden lines of the tree, marveling at the purity and nobility of her family..

Narcissa entered the room, "Bellatrix! Cheer up! I've brought you a dress for the party!"

Bellatrix's mouth fell open as she turned around to see Narcissa holding up a pink dress with butterflies at the shoulders, and large bow ties around the waist..

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