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Re: Temporary Last Author Standing Entries Thread


Topic: Ron and his father-in-law go fishing

Entry #5

Ron's Fishing Expedition

Ron Weasley stepped out of his home and pulled the door shut behind him. He locked it with his wand and stowed it away in his back pocket, and moodily started walking down the pathway. His wife had already gone to work, even though it was a Sunday, and had thoughtfully arranged for his amusement in her absence. He had been promised a day of fun and relaxation with his father-in-law and he most certainly did not like the ominous sound of that. ‘Male bonding’ Hermione had said, looking as though she had just announced that the Chudley Cannons were top of the league. Her face fell when Ron did not look properly enthusiastic.

“Oh Ron, how bad can it be? Dad feels left out, like he’s not a part of my world anymore. He’s really looking forward to it. And he’s a really fun guy, once the ice is broken. Please? I promise it won’t be as bad as you’re thinking. And I’ll be home when you get back and then we’ll have some fun of our own……..”

She let the sentence trail off, and Ron said, “Alright, I’ll do it. But this better not become like a weekly routine thing.”

The only reply he got was a purple cushion thrown smack in his face.

He reached the end of his lane, and looking around to see that no one was watching, he concentrated on Hermione’s parents’ house, and turned sharply on the spot. Hermione had not told him what they would be doing. Apparently dad wanted it to be a surprise. He rolled his eyes and then steeled himself for what was coming as the Cornwall countryside materialized around him, and headed towards the white gate in front of him.

Half an hour later found him back at that gate with his father-in-law in town, a long fishing rod and a large picnic basket in his hands, and wearing an expression of extreme dismay. Fishing. They were going fishing! Ron could barely believe it. He still recalled vividly the last occasion on which he had held a fishing rod in his hands. It had been on a camping trip his own father had taken with all six of his sons, and most unwisely, without his wife and daughter. He had been five years old at the time, and yet the entire experience had been imprinted on to his brain as one never to be repeated. That trip had involved several tangled fishing lines, squabbles over who caught which fish first, a few of the boys being tossed into the water, a narrow escape from a pet crocodile and its senile owner and a most embarrassing visit to St. Mungo’s. It still made him shudder sometimes. He wouldn’t be surprised if even Percy still got nightmares.

And here he was, now sitting in the passenger seat of Hermione’s dad’s car headed for a fishing expedition that would ostensibly end in tragedy. His dad would have been overjoyed to take his place. He paused in the act of strapping on his seatbelt, wondering why the thought hadn’t struck him sooner and if it was doable. Then he thought of Hermione and knew it was the right thing for him to do. But he resolved to suggest to Mr. Granger that he take dad along the next time. They could make it a weekly routine thing in fact.

The drive to the river side spot that Hermione’s dad had always taken her to when she was younger, was short, and was made pleasant by the fact that he and Ron discovered that they had a mutual liking for Simon & Garfunkel. Trepidation lessened slightly on both sides, Hermione’s dad parked the car and the two carried their fishing gear to the water’s edge. Mr. Granger demonstrated to Ron how to set up his rod, and Ron was able to get it right after remarkably few attempts. They had turned their attention to the picnic basket and Ron was just thinking that he had been quite silly in getting so worked up about the entire thing. He was telling his father-in-law about the saga of his earlier fishing experience and had subtly managed to suggest that Mr. Weasley would enjoy fishing as well when Ron suddenly felt a tug on his line. Mr. Granger showed him how to reel it in and Ron was elated at having caught his first fish! He set up the rod again and no sooner had he thrown the line into the water than he felt another tug. Eager to show his father-in-law how quickly he had mastered what he had been taught he started trying to reel it in but faced opposition from the other end. Undeterred, he kept trying to pull it in and he gave an almighty tug, the line snapped and poor Ron, standing far too close to the water’s edge in his enthusiasm, fell in. Cold, sputtering, and embarrassed Ron resurfaced and swam to the edge of the water, determined not looking at his father-in-law – who by now with difficulty, had managed to compose his expression to a kindly and sympathetic one.

“I should probably see where the line got stuck”, Ron suggested in a small voice.

His suggestion was agreed to and he followed the end of the line to a rock where it had been embedded. Feeling quite foolish he untangled the line, and not wanting to go back and face Hermione’s dad, he swam to a rock a little way out and sat on it, looking quite downcast.

Mr. Granger could commiserate with his son-in-law and said kindly, “Let’s go Ron, I think we’ve had enough fishing fun for this time.”

Ron couldn’t believe he was getting to leave already. He felt a surge of affection for Hermione’s dad but said, “No Dad, one more try, I won’t mess it up this time.”

“Nah let’s go back, grab a couple of beers and watch TV. You need recuperation.”

“Oh dad, I’m sorry I know you really wanted to fish.”

“It’s alright, besides you’ve scared all the fish here, we won’t get a bite for hours.”

Ron moaned and covered his face.

“I’m joking son, don’t worry. In only half an hour I’ve already had the best fishing trip ever.”

The only response he got was another groan.

“Uh Ron? Don’t look now but I think that rock you’re sitting on just moved its tail.”

Ten minutes later, he was being plied with scones and hot tea by his mother-in-law.

Twenty years, Mr. Granger was telling him, twenty years he had been going to that place and never had they managed to lay eyes on so much as a frog. But Ron had managed to locate the only crocodile in the entire county.

He shook his head.

Never again.

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