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Re: Temporary Last Author Standing Entries Thread


Topic: Harry's Proposal to Ginny

Entry #1

Ginny sat up in her bed as she heard a sharp knock on the door.

"Come in!" she said loudly.

The door was pushed open and Hermione stepped in, slightly panting.

"Hi Ginny," Hermione said brightly, "How come you're still in the bed?"

Ginny lied back in her bed saying, "There isn't much to do outside bed,"

After a little pause Ginny asked Hermione who was eyeing her with concern. "Seen Harry this morning?"

The Burrow was now empty except for Ginny, Mrs. Weasley and Hermione who had just come. Ginny didn't know what Harry was up to that morning. And the rest of the family were at work, except Harry who had the whole week off from his Auror training sessions. Harry and Ginny spent everyday of that week together, either in the yard or somewhere up the hills. That morning Ginny woke up looking forward to spending another day with Harry. However she couldn't find him anywhere in the house. And when she asked Ron he said wouldn't tell her and set off for work.
So Ginny, after a few attempts to know what was Harry doing that day, had returned to her bedroom. When she was done with feeding the chicken for her mother.

"Oh.. " Hermione said with an understanding smile, "I'm sure he'll be around soon. Don't worry Ginny" Hermione added gently when Ginny looked somewhat stubborn.

"Not worrying.. But I thought he'd be around today," Ginny's voice had an unmistakable note of disappointment.

"Um.. Quidditch Ginny?" Hermione asked awkwardly.

"What?" this immediately threw Ginny out of her worries.

Hermione looked embarrassed as she answered, "I was wondering if you wanted to play Quidditch. I mean.. the weather is nice out there. And you could do with some training.."

Ginny was puzzled. Why on earth was Hermione asking her to play Quidditch? Anyways, she wasn't going to let her down. Not when it was her first time to suggest playing Quidditch.

Ginny looked outside the window. The sun was visible between the thick grey clouds. Its rays showering the hills with warmth and light. With the light breeze ruffling her hair, Ginny couldn't help but accept Hermione's offer.

The two of them set off toward the hills after picking two brooms out of the shed, mounting them and kicking off the ground.
They were flying so low that they were almost touching the over grown green grass. Ginny sped off and reached the spot where they usually played Quidditch before Hermione had done.

Their One-on-One game went on for no more than an hour. They played with a single ball trying to get it through each other's low hoops. It wasn't actually Quidditch but they both had fun. At least Ginny did.

Ginny was putting the brooms back in the broomshed when she heard noise in the nearby shed where her father kept his muggle stuff. She was about to open the door when it was wrenched open from inside. Ginny gave a gasp when she saw Harry emerging from the dusty shed.



"What were you doing here?"

"Um.. Got something to show you.."

Ginny followed Harry in her father's shed as Hermione retreated back in the burrow.
Ginny's mouth literally fell open as she saw what was standing in there.
It was Sirius' huge flying bike.

"Its been here since ages. Ever since --" But Harry didn't go on.

"Ah," Ginny said.

"Your dad has mended it and I was testing the extras Hagrid had installed," Harry said. "What about a trip?"

After a while Ginny was holding tightly on to Harry. The bike was roaring in life and they were flying.

Ginny was exhilarated. The bike was by no way close to a broomstick. It was a bit closer to flying a Thestral. Except that it wasn't invisible. And the Thestral didn't cause so much noise.

They flew so high and Harry pushed Hagrid's buttons more than once. Ginny expected Harry to turn around and return to the burrow but he kept flying in the same direction.

"Harry, where are we going?" Ginny shouted loudly after what seemed like long hours. Harry didn't answer her question but merely reassured her that they'd reach their destination soon enough.

They landed somewhere in London, in a deserted street. Harry got off the bike followed by Ginny who was looking around her in surprise.

"What do you think?" Harry was asking about the bike.

"Huh? Nice, but brooms are more.. stable, I'd say. Where are we exactly?"

Harry took Ginny's hand without a word and to her surprise he was turning on the spot, disapparating.

Opening her eyes, Ginny found herself in a familiar place. It took her a while to realise that Harry had taken her to the old house; Grimmauld Place.

"Harry, why are we here?" She said cautiously. She knew Harry wasn't fond of that place.

"You'll see in a moment."

Harry unbolted the door and to Ginny's surprise the house didn't seem to be as unfriendly as it used to be. The surfaces were shining and not covered in layers of dust as she would've expected. Everything was tidied and polished. Someone must've been here, she thought.

They took a tour around the house. Harry told her that it was Kreacher who got all that cleaning done.

"And that thing.. The portrait?" Ginny was whispering pointing at Mrs. Black's portrait.

"Oh.." Harry laughed, "Not sure if it had worked, but I've permanently stuck that curtain. Don't mention it in front of Kreacher though." Harry added tensely.

"What's all this about? Why have you cleaned that house, brought us here.."

"Do you approve of it?"

"Me? Oh yeah, it's fine now that its cleaned and all.."

"I.. Wanted to ask you. Will you marry me Ginny? We can live in this house, if you like it. If you don't. This can be easily arranged. What say you?"

Ginny felt colour rise to her face. She hadn't expected that at all. She looked into Harry's face, his green eyes looking expectantly into hers.

"Yes, Harry." Was all she could manage.


They went out of the house. It was getting darker and colder. Harry suggested that they apparate straight back to home and get the bike another day. Ginny agreed. As much as she enjoyed their trip in the morning. She doubted she'd manage to take another one.

They turned on the spot and after a moment they reappeared in the familiar garden of the Burrow.

Ginny was telling an amused Harry about her Quidditch match with Hermione, when she suddenly stopped walking, half way through the garden.

"What is it, Ginny?"

"You? You sent her after me?"

"Sorry Ginny. I had to keep you away." Harry laughed.

Everybody was back in the Burrow waiting for them in the crowded kitchen. Their news added a festive air around the kitchen. Hermione was beaming and ran forward to hug them both. Mr. Weasely shook hands with Harry. Mrs. Weasley was crying into her handkerchief. George set off fireworks in the kitchen which finally landed in Ron's soup causing it to explode in his face.

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