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Re: Temporary Last Author Standing Entries Thread

Last Author Standing

Topic: Gilderoy Lockhart wining an award for Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile

Entry #4

Gilderoy, Uninterrupted

“And the award this year for Witch Weekly’s Most Charming Smile goes to................What’s that? What’s the crowd chanting? Oh we’ll find out soon enough, as soon as I open this envelope............And yes! Everyone’s right, it is our eternal favourite - Gilderoy Lockhart!"

There was pandemonium as a tall thin wizard with wavy blonde hair stood up and made his way to the stage. His progress was slow as he kept turning in completely different directions to wave and blow kisses to the audience. At long last he made his way up to the head of the stage where the compere who had announced the award, and three witches holding a small medal were awaiting him. He clapped the announcing wizard on the back and winked at the witches holding his medal. Turning to face the audience he looked around, training his bright azure eyes (which contrasted quite oddly with the fuchsia robes he was wearing) at a few individuals in the audience.

“Gilderoy, let them pin the medal on you first”, interrupted the wizard just as he had opened his mouth to speak.

“Of course!” beamed Gilderoy. “How could I forget? I’m still not fully back to my splendid former self, Magellan old boy.”

“Not at all, Gilderoy. You look positively marvelous.”

“You were always too kind, Magellan.”

The three witches with six trembling hands managed to pin the medal to Gilderoy’s lapel with some difficulty. One of them looked faint when her hand made fleeting contact with Gilderoy’s and fled off the stage looking as though she would gladly cut off her hand and have it stuffed and mummified for posterity.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, returned from horrors unimaginable, Gilderoy Lockhart!”

The applause was deafening, and there were shouts of “Speech!” from the back.

“I think they’re right Gilderoy, you certainly must tell the world what happened in Hogwarts all those years ago. I am sure it must be a thrilling tale.”

“Oh I do wish you hadn’t brought it up Magellan, I didn’t want it to be made public. Now that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is no longer here, such things are best not spoken of. I would like to thank everyone at Witch Weekly and of course my ever-loyal fans, for conferring this great honour upon me once again. I can see Gladys Gudgeon right there at the front, bless you my darling. Your weekly letters were such a comfort to me as I lay in St. Mungo”, he said, blowing her a kiss.

“What happened in Hogwarts all those years ago, I have never told anyone. But since you’re all so insistent tonight, I will finally break my silence. It isn’t a pretty tale, but it must be told.”

“As you all know, that was the year Albus Dumbledore personally requested me to be the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. Perhaps he had an inkling of what was going to happen and that is why he was so keen to have me on the scene, who knows. But as things would have it, I left for Hogwarts ten years ago; ready to make it my humble home. My best student of course, was Harry Potter, only twelve years old at the time. I take credit for him, you know. I taught him and his class fellows everything they know, and today they are the backbone of our fine Auror Squad. It really humbles me sometimes, thinking of what a profound difference I made to those children’s lives.”

He stopped to wipe away a single tear and then continued.

“That was the year the Chamber of Secrets had been opened. I kept telling everyone to let me have a free reign with the monster, but of course they were too noble to let me take such a grave risk alone. But when little Ginny Weasley - Seeker for the Holyhead Harpies today - was taken right into the Chamber, I could stand it no more. I made investigations and discovered the entrance to the Chamber. Taking care that no-one would find out, else they would have stopped me from going alone, I secretly prepared for my foray inside. I was determined to do it alone, I didn’t want anyone else getting hurt of course. But just as I feared, Ginny’s brother Ron Weasley and the Boy-Who-Lived himself, Harry Potter; both rushed in headlong after me. I tried to make them see sense but they were adamant. Resigned to fate I entered the Chamber, in front of course, shielding the two boys from any and all harm.”

“It was a long and arduous journey but we found Ginny Weasley. As we revived her and prepared to carry her out, we were faced by the dreaded Monster of Slytherin who was controlled by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named himself. I will not speak of the monster, it still gives me nightmares sometimes, and we wouldn’t want my young fans to be frightened, would we? But I fought the monster bravely, and was grievously wounded in the effort. It is not new to me, fighting creatures that terrorise humanity. I consider it my calling, of sorts. I defeated that creature too, how I will not say. I was exhausted but my only thought, of course was to get Harry and his friends out of the Chamber. I led them back to the entrance rejoicing at the thought that I had succeeded once again, but there was a curse on the Chamber. If the monster was destroyed, it would collapse to prevent the destroyers from leaving. As ancient stones started falling around us, I knew there wasn’t much time. I cast a powerful shield all around us and quickly brought the children outside. But as all three of them were safely out, I let my shield falter and I was struck down, remembering no more.”

“Of course the children ran and got help for me, and I was transferred to St. Mungo’s , but alas, I had lost my memory. I had no inkling of who I was and what great feats I had accomplished. My Healer Miriam Sprout took excellent care of me, and I painfully slowly started to get my memory back. I suppose there was such a lot to remember, that’s why it took ten years.”

“And what do I find, in my absence? That there was such chaos in the wizarding world, that a mere child had to do what in normal circumstances, I would have done. But I am immensely proud of Harry, he learnt well from me. Miriam told me, they would often come to visit me in my ward. Harry and Ron would weep over me, asking for advice, that alas, was not forthcoming-------------“

He stopped, apparently overcome.

“Other heroes of today – Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger, even Ginny Weasley, whose life I had saved, they all came to visit the man who had sacrificed himself for their safety.”

“You all can testify to the fact that I hardly like blowing my own trumpet. If the Minister were to confer an Oder of Merlin, First Class, on me, I would politely decline. It is these awards that I cherish, the ones that show me the love and respect I have garnered from so many people. I am indebted to Witch Weekly for this lovely token of appreciation, and I would only like to say – Thank you, I will always keep smiling.”

There was thunderous applause as the audience rose to their feet, many wiping away tears. Gilderoy Lockhart put his arm around Magellan Bonaparte and smiled his famous smile for the benefit of the cameras.

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