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Re: Things you didn't spot until the umpteenth time in the HP films v.2

Originally Posted by gabriele87 View Post
I noticed while watching COS yesterday that Borgin steals back a Galleon from the money he gives to Lucius while both of the Malfoys are looking at something else.

Awesome! I want to see that!

Just a warning, MsBinns, the pumpkin juice isnt very good. I was hoping for a more pleasant taste (not to mention, to pay less $ for it), BUT by all means, PLS try it.

I just didnt think it was good.

And BlueBronze, good call on the Harry/Rita scene...How did she know? She may not have known though and it could have just been a smart-@zz comment... and/or a possible coincidential comment, like Draco gave once he became a he'd be "dogging" Harry (possibly hinting at seeing Sirius).....I would wager coincidence though....

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