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Re: Pokemon anime

Question. Did any UK people watch Pokemon on SM:TV Live? Does anyone remember the Ant (as Ash) and Dec (as Mmmmmmmmmmmmissssssty hehe) Pokemon battles they did? I especially remember when Ash (Ant) called upon his brand new Pokemon, Bryan. Mmmmmmmmmmisssty (Dec) couldn't believe that a Pokemon could be called Bryan, but then she got all excited because she realised it was Bryan from Westlife and Westlife came on, Misty pulled off her tshirt to reveal a new tshirt with a pic of Bryan on it

And if you never watched SM:TV Live that's gonna make absolutely no sense to you...

Anyway, I loved the original Pokemon episodes, the Kanto region. Officer Jenny springs to mind (and yes, I am a bit older than the usual Pokemon viewer- I watched it cos it was on SM:TV and because my brother loved it- he's now 21)

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