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Re: Are we too old for Harry Potter?

In my humble opinion-----NO, we are not!

Hehehehe- at least I do not feel too old for it- yet.

JK just managed to write it in this way that everything becomes more of an intriguing puzzle than some little kid growing up. Themes do not revolve around romance (letīs just overlook certain parts of HBP!!) too much for anyone to get sick over it.
Yes, we do see Harry growing up, but it is all served in small portions, and that maturing never takes the front row either- allowing older readers to be amused by it, but not having to dwell too much on such parts.

And, of course, there is the very wide range of older characters who keep showing up, and who bring secrets so interesting and dark that we simply get sucked in.
Not to mention the number of subplots that our young trio does not fully get, with their young minds.

I like this guessing.
I like the older characters, and the constant exchange between them and the trio. I like the "adult" secrets, the moments of discovery and joy.

I just happen to like a lot of what JK did.


Not to forget that she managed to set all the locations up so perfectly that we feel right at home. She did that so damn well! Starting with a small delimited (??) place, and letting us get familiar with it first, the Dursleys home- then moving on to the interstation, Diagon Alley- only to bring us to our final destination- Hogwarts.

She does not make the mistake to start off with all kinds of ridiculous names, creatures or places that are yet too big for us. People tend togreatly understimate her skill in that departement alon!


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